For information on franchise sales, please call 404-428-4829.

1. How much does it cost to open a Johnny’s franchise?

The investment can vary from location to location, but the following investment schedule should give you a good idea of the fees and expenses associated with opening your own restaurant. Click here to view the current Investment Schedule.

2. How long does it take to get my location open?

The timetable can vary, depending on the scope of work involved. If we can find an acceptable second generation restaurant space available, then we may be able to open in 3-4 months. However, if we find a location that requires a complete construction build out, it may take 6-12 months. The most important thing to consider is that the work is done correctly! Rest assured that we’re committed to getting your store open as quickly as possible.

3. What are typical business hours?

We suggest that, at a minimum, your store is open for operation from 11AM – 9PM Sunday through Thursday. Given our focus on craft beer and a great dine-in experience, most stores find it profitable to stay open until 11PM or midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

4. What are the upfront franchise fees and ongoing royalties?

We collect a $30,000 upfront franchise fee. We collect 4% of weekly gross sales inside the state of Georgia and 5% of weekly gross sales outside the state of Georgia.

5. Is there an advertising fee in addition to the weekly royalties?

All stores pay 1% of gross sales into a national advertising fund. All stores in the Atlanta DMA also pay 1% into an Atlanta Advertising Fund.

6. Does my franchise come with a territory to protect my location?

Yes, every location comes with a territory that prevents another Johnny’s Pizza from opening too close to yours. Territories are based on demographic data, highways, and natural barriers, so there is no set territory radius.

7. Does Johnny’s help with my lease negotiations?

Yes, we’ll help you negotiate on one or more spaces that fit your needs. This process is tedious but very important. Although we don’t take the place of an attorney’s review, we’ve negotiated many leases and can offer lots of insight during the process.

8. Does Johnny’s assist with a floor plan?

Yes, we provide an efficient prototypical design of your restaurant. The prototypical design will be the guiding schematic for the architect to complete your full plans. Keep in mind that our base plans will need to be transferred by an architect for permits.

9.  What is the typical size of a Johnny’s location?

We’ve recently seen an increase in dine-in profitability with the incorporation of a bar area focusing on craft beer and an upscale wine selection. Some locations have also successfully added a full liquor selection. With the addition of bar space, our new prototypical stores average 2,800 - 3,500 square feet.

10. How many employees will I need to run my Johnny’s?

This is a number that will vary greatly, depending on the square footage as well as the flow of customer traffic. Our average store has about 30 employees. This number will be inflated as you open your location but will taper off as the staff gains experience.

11. Do you have equipment vendors and food vendors?

Yes, we have a list of preferred vendors that we’ve done business with for a long time. Over time, we have established great working relationships with these vendors.

12. What type of ongoing support will my store receive after we are open?

Our corporate trainers walk through every location on a regular basis. This involves the evaluation of products, procedures and overall operations. If your location needs additional training, we’ll set that up with you and your team.

13. What is involved in the site selection process?

There are many factors that go into selecting a great location. While we certainly review demographics, psychographics, traffic counts/patterns, and the market profile, there is no substitute for actively driving the area to get a feel for accessibility and visibility. The market profile needs to consist of a good combination of residential, commercial and retail.

14. Does my restaurant have to provide delivery service?

Delivery is optional, but highly recommended. Stores that offer delivery see a significant increase in average unit sales. As do stores that offer 3rd party ordering.