For information on franchise sales, please call 404-428-4829.

1) Apply

Once you submit your application, we’ll review your information and follow up with a phone call to discuss your interest, location and application. If you would rather talk to us before you fill out the application, feel free to give us a call.

2) Review Franchise Disclosure Documents

Reviewing the FDD is a federally mandated part of the process. You’ll have 14 days to review the documents before we can sign an agreement. While you’re reviewing the documents, please make a list of any questions, and we’ll go over them at our next meeting.

2) Sign the deal

Congratulations! We will award you a territory, and we’re ready to rock. We start the process of searching for a site right away — we know you want to get up and running as fast as possible.

3) Select a site

Once a general area, part of town, or city is decided on for the location of your restaurant, we’ll scout the area, study demographic data, and look for available lease space.

4) Negotiate your lease

The lease negotiation process can be tedious, but it’s extremely important. We’ve negotiated many leases and can offer lots of insight on space, price, and build out requirements. Together we’ll find a space that fits your needs.

5) Produce your floor plan

We work with you to develop and design your store – both the back and front of the house. We’ll provide you with an efficient prototypical design of your restaurant.

6) Build your restaurant

We help during the process of collecting bids from well-qualified contractors for the construction of your new store. We’re heavily involved in the construction phase and will be onsite regularly during construction.

7) Purchase equipment

We help you determine and purchase all the necessary equipment and smallwares from one or multiple approved sources.

8) Train your team

We make sure you and your management team are ready for your grand opening! You’ll get the chance to participate in 30 days of in-store, hands-on operational training at one of our stores.

9) Celebrate at your Grand Opening

We’ll be on site the week prior to opening and at least two weeks after opening. We make sure you feel totally comfortable with restaurant organization, food ordering, training new staff, point of sale technology, managing inventory, and daily operations.

10) Run your business

We’ll come by your location on a regular basis to help you refine operations or troubleshoot issues. This is your chance to work with an experienced corporate trainer in your store and get answers to any questions you have.